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Big Lookout Hike


Tablelands Hike


Private Guide


Most hikers come to Gros Morne and hike the designated hiking and walking trails in the Park and surrounding communities on their own because they are well marked and quite safe. Our day hikes are off-trail interpretive experiences led by knowledgeable guides to destinations offering incredible views. Off-trail hiking experiences are on unmarked routes over very rugged terrain (rocky, wet, steep in places) with few encounters, if any, with other hikers!

The Big Lookout is an 6-8 hour off-trail hike that’s roughly 16km long with 600m (2000 feet) of elevation gain. The route follows an old fire tower path (steep in places) that takes you to an elevated plateau. From here the route crosses the plateau where the terrain is often wet underfoot. The ascent to the Big Lookout  starts up a steep scree slope then follows a ridge to the summit. It’s a great hike but does have its steep and wet sections.

This hike is best suited to fit and active hikers who like to explore off the beaten path. Knowledgeable local guides lead your adventure, share Gros Morne’s geological story, identify unique flora and watch for wildlife. From the summit, enjoy sweeping views of Bonne Bay, the Long Range Mountains and the Tablelands.

Conquer the Tablelands in this full-day guided hike. Explore the exposed and rugged Tablelands mountain of mantle, overlook steep canyons, see pristine waterfalls, and enjoy sweeping views of Bonne Bay and the Long Range Mountains. Unravel the mysteries of this exotic landscape and discover its rare floral inhabitants!

The Tablelands terrain is rocky from start to finish. The ascent is gradual with a steep section at the back. You do have to climb over large boulders in places. The descent is steep and with loose rock. You need to be sure footed. It’s a great hike but does have its steep sections and you have to cross a brook a couple of times. Water levels can vary.

Meet at our waterfront office at 8:30am or you can meet at the Woody Point waterfront at 9:15am (where the water taxi docks).

The 9am water taxi from Norris Point coordinates with these hikes. The return cost for the water taxi is $14/person. If you require ground transportation to/from the Tablelands there is a taxi service at a costs of $20/person. You can also meet your guide at the water taxi dock in Woody Point.

Dressing in layers is the key to a pleasant hike.

  • Hiking boots – it’s off trail so above the ankle works best
  • Rain jacket/rain pants
  • Day pack
  • Water bottle/bladder…need 2L
  • Lunch and treats
  • Sun hat with a wide brim
  • Fleece sweater
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun block
  • Park pass

Tours are cancelled when we deem weather conditions unsafe (high winds, heavy rain, etc.) or visibility.

Upon booking a tour, we require a credit card number to hold your reservation. We process the payment when you come in to register on the day of the tour.

We will charge your credit card if you booked the tour, the tour runs and you did not notify us to cancel your booking at least 12 hours in advance.