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Sandwich Description Quantity
Curried Tuna White flaked tuna, mayonaise and apple with a dash of curry
Chicken Salad Shredded chicken breast with mayonaise
Ham & Cheese Black forest ham with Dijon mustard
Egg Salad Eggs with mayonaise, onion and pepper
Hummus Hummus with roasted red pepper
All sandwiches are made with locally baked whole wheat bread. Lunch is $15 and includes one of our delicious sandwiches, baked goods, fruit, granola bar & juice.
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Describe any illness and/or injury, current or past, which might affect your ability to participate fully and safely in an outdoor adventure program. (i.e. back and knee problems, cardiac and respiratory ailments, diabetes, allergies, migraines, fear of heights, sensitivity to cold, etc.)

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Payment will be processed on the date of your departure. If you decide to cancel your reservation, your cancellation fee/refund will be determined based on when we receive notification.

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49+ hours prior to departure Full refund
13 to 48 hours 50% of cost
0 to 12 hours 100% of cost

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