Tablelands Hike

Tablelands: Hike to the Top of the Bottom of the Earth

Conquer the Tablelands in this full-day guided hike. Explore the exposed and rugged Tablelands mountain of mantle, overlook steep canyons, see pristine waterfalls, and enjoy sweeping views of Bonne Bay and the Long Range Mountains. Unravel the mysteries of this exotic landscape and discover its rare floral inhabitants!

Difficulty Level: Challenging (very rocky)

Dates: June 15 – September 7

Time & Location: Woody Point Waterfront, 9:30am. The 9am water taxi from Norris Point coordinates with this hike. Return cost is $14 per person.

What you need: above ankle hiking boots, rain jacket/rain pants, day pack, lunch, 2L water, extra sweater.

Note: Park pass is not included.

Cost: $125 per person